One day, a poor man was holding a begging bowl and sitting on a chest, asking people to help him by putting money in his bowl.

A mystic arrives and sees the poor man with a begging bowl, ponders a little, the poor man asks the scientist for help, the scientist says to the poor man: What is it that you are sitting on?

The poor man says: This is a very old box on which I have been sitting and begging for many years.

The mystic says: Have you ever opened the inside of this box and seen inside it?

“No, I never thought of opening the box,” says the poor man.

The scientist says: I ask you to open this box today.

The poor man does all this with curiosity and opens the box, he sees that it is full of gold coins inside the box, the poor man wonders why he had never opened the box for several years.

The mystic says: The gold inside the treasure chest is inside you. The same hidden genius that was in you for years, but you did not see it, and you took the begging bowl from the people and asked the people for help.

A story of Mathnavy Rumi

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