I was born in Iran, the country rich with culture, poetry, and music. From nomadic ancestors I was born at home, which was a tradition back in the days, unlike present day where you’re born in a hospital. Hence when I was a child, as per tradition I used to make Persian rugs and Gabbeh beside my hardworking mother and sisters. 

    My mother was a modest, nomadic tailor, and was a traditional carpet weaver like other women in our village. Her heart was full of love everyday. When she wanted to make a carpet, my mother would simply take measurements of how long it would need to be with a stick, which was promptly 1 yard in length. Whenever she was tailoring, she didn’t measure the sewing fabric with a meter ruler. Instead she measured the fabric by directly placing it onto the woman’s body parts, then marked the right amount of material by cutting the piece with scissors. 

    I decided to major in tailoring and fashion in high school and college. During those years, I studied sewing and learned to put together a variety of creative handicrafts.

    Later in life, I got married at the age of 18 and moved to Dubai after college. I was married for 22 years and I currently have 3 children.

    In 2014, I learned how to paint oil and acrylic paintings, and had a little knowledge about watercolor drawings. Since 2015, I have been doing acrylic painting professionally. The mysterious beauty hidden in the eyes, and the angles within my vision continue to pursue the strokes. These elements of my artwork create the sensation of joy in my heart, and hopefully in other people’s too.


    The ancestors of my family were nomads until the time of my grandparents; they were born in nature and lived in harmony with it. You could even say that they had a close relationship with the earth. Sheep were herded and goats were milked. Their tents were made from goat hair, and all of their equipment were handmade and crafted from natural materials. They made carpets and kilims from sheep wool. With their goat and sheep milk they made doogh (a yoghurt drink with a hint of mint) and butter and sold them in the city bazaar. With their well-earned money, my ancestors would purchase copper utensils, sugar, and teas. They bought flour to bake bread as well, which was extremely difficult considering how thin the dough needed to be during the process.


    This is why I am so drawn to spending most of my freetime in nature. I love seeing the irresistible sunrises and sunsets reaching far beyond the horizon, and the moon illuminating in the night sky. There are times where I often sleep on the sand by the beach until the morning arises and wakes me. Although it isn’t all that comfortable to lay down on the rough, coarse sand, I’d rather not go back to my small apartment and sleep under a ceiling with no stars.    



    My whole life has been dedicated to artistic pursuits, and I have been a professional artist for 9 years since 2014. My most important qualification is that I specialize in acrylics and abstract in my artwork. Just by looking at my most recent art, you can immediately tell that I have mastered and acquired the delicate technique of the palette knife. This technique needs time and patience to finally know inside and out, and to understand it completely. In order to create the illusion of depth on the canvas, the layers of specific colors must be coordinated to look appealing on top of each other.

 I have encountered a wide variety of experiences that will be a part of me forever. As I had mentioned before, I came from a nomadic background. I was born and raised in my hometown’s village while eventually moving out at 22 years of age. However, while I was still living there, at 16 years old I taught people of all ages how to make flower bouquets out of mere ribbons, and turn them into a piece of art. 

On another note, besides painting on canvases and creating many handicrafts, I have done a lot of tailoring in my life. As well as being an art teacher at 16, I would also make my own dresses during that age. I still sew and make them to this day. 


    Over the course of my life, I have demonstrated maturity, patience, and wisdom. Life has taken me on so many adventures so far. One of these experiences was living in the United States and the United Arab Emirates for numerous years. During the days of my life in America, as a resident, I had the honour of hosting art exhibitions in El Dorado Hills and in Rancho Cordova, both in high octave California. With my location at that point, from 2015 till 2018, I had extensive know-how of celebrated fine art. I acquired symbolistic art which is always the soul of all my art pieces till date. I used to exhibit my art in the Folsom Cordova Adult School and the head offices of the Visionary Realty Group. Both centres were a great epicentre to promote my art into peoples homes especially from the realty where my art started reaching peoples living rooms. This was a journey of joy of a different kind, when my art was celebrated among luncheons and dinner tables at family homes of America. 

I am now currently living in the UAE, specifically in Dubai. In Dubai, I have had the privilege to participate in several group exhibitions with other talented artists, and I can proudly say that I have painted live with acrylics during the EXPO 2020 in the India Pavilion. As of right now, I exhibit my work in a few hotels and paint live various days of the week when I’m free in these five-star locations. 




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